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Regal – heard of us?
It’s time to royally treat yourself.
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National Distribution Capacity
Low MOQ Delivery Store or DC Direct
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Even better:we’re sustainable.
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Regal - heard of us?

You might have seen our products in your local shopping centre, airport, office, or any public venue. With 20+ years in the commercial market, Regal has now become a fresh player in the retail game

Why Our Brand?


Good Manufacturing Practices

Recognition to consistent adherence to good manufacturing practices with respect to the environment, use of raw materials, and energy sources

Recycled Qualifications

Each year we recycled 85,000 tonnes of paper. One tone of paper is equivalent to 17 trees, resulting in 1,445,000 trees saved from deforestation per year

Virgin Qualifications

Derived from legally harvested sources, all FSC certified