We uphold strict sustainability practices and policies. We also contribute to community programs that plant trees in developing regions. See more below: 

Good Manufacturing Practices
Tree Planting
Sustainable Virgin paper

We have partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects and are committed to planting one tree for every four rolls of toilet paper sold into the marketplace. Eden Reforestation Projects contributes to combatting deforestation in third world communities by involving locals to plant trees in conservation areas. As a result, by contributing to our brand you are helping to combat poverty & deforestation in areas that need the most help. To date, Eden Projects have planted 700,000,000 trees around parts of the world that are suffering from significant deforestation. To find out more about Eden and their organisation please visit

Good Manufacturing Practices

Recognition to consistent adherence to good manufacturing practices with respect to the environment, use of raw materials, and energy sources

Recycled Qualifications

Virgin Qualifications

Derived from legally harvested sources, all FSC certified

Lifetime consumption for one person is approximate to 5,500 rolls of toilet paper.